“Prayer in C” (Robin Schulz Radio Edit Remix) by Lily Wood and the Prick (2014: 3′ 9″)

A lot of songs portray what it is like to fall in love with the perfect person; the Robin Schulz remix of Lily Wood and the Prick’s “Prayer in C” embodies what it feels like after you realize perfection does not exist and you have kicked its lying ass to the curb. Lily Wood and the Prick consist of Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto, a French-Israeli duo who released “Prayer in C” as a folk song in 2010, Cotto’s slow guitar backs Nadida’s painful vocals about being left behind by a man who just left, no note and no reasons given. German DJ Robin Schulz transformed the song this year with this remix. The song begins with bongo drums and a rhythm guitar playing at mid-tempo. Clapping hands pop up on the alternate beats of several measures. Things appear happy–or at the very least content–but anyone who pays attention to the vocals hears what is really going on. The woman is in pain, the man is gone, and she will never forgive him. This is a pissed off song you can scream you head off to. Like much house/techno music, the beats repeat throughout the song even while the chords become more complex. The bongo drums and basic guitar rhythms eventually give way to a growing, reverberating synthesizer. In this radio edit, these house/techno elements do not dominate as much as in Schulz’s longer remixes, but they appear clearly and set a tone that will always make me think of 2014 whenever this songs pumps into my headphones.

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